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I previously embarked on a Social Media Campaign that ended up saving #BabyGodswill's life. He has had the critically needed surgeries, and is receiving ongoing medical care. However, the family has fallen behind on their rent, and are struggling to afford food and basic items, like nappies for Godswill.

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Donor Messages

Go on little Godswill we are with you and your family..
Blessings xx
Sue Wilson
Keep growing big & strong ~ and know there are those of us who will be here to help!
For little Godswill and family ...stay strong..
Sending love
Thank you for being involved, donating money is the easy bit
To Godswill and family...lets fight together for a happy live of Godswill
Towards the rent please

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Sue Wilson donated USD $ 27 to Baby Godswill Family Support via #BabyGodswill Family Support
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