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Game Rangers Association of Africa

The GRAA is a NPO that supports rangers across Africa. Rangers work at the coalface of conservation, risking their lives to protect our natural heritage. These brave men and women work in very dangerous environments, with the threat of the ruthless poacher always present. We provide support, networks and representation for rangers across the continent. Just some of the areas we aim support them include upskilling them with specialised training; providing uniforms and equipment to better endure the many harsh hours in the African bush; and we also offer ranger insurance - a huge game changer - giving these rangers peace of mind that they and their loved ones will be looked after, should something happen to them. 


Donations to date

R 92 435.92

Fundraising target

R 1 000 000.00

Donor Messages

Sean williams
Strength and protection to you all
Thank you for keeping our wild spaces protected.
Thank you for being so selfless and protecting the future, for generations to come.
To all African Rangers - thank you for the amazing work you all do.
What a wonderful cause!
Neil McDonald
You are appreciated. Keep it going.
LEAD Ranger
Keep up the great work!
Salute and thank you for conserving our precious wildlife!
Denise Mortlock

For my son, the hero.

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31 Jul 2020 R 1 050
31 Jul 2020 R 1 050
31 Jul 2020 R 1 050
21 Jul 2020 USD $ 32
17 Jul 2020 USD $ 37