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Get Grace to the World Cup Campaign

In January 2024, I will be playing for my country in Oman as a member of the South African women's Hockey5's team. Being able to be a member of a team that will make history will be a dream come true.

I play hockey5s and indoor hockey at a national level. My mother, who adopted me at birth, raised me as a single mother from the beginning, and is nearly 70 years old. She finances all of my hockey national camps and competitions and is my greatest supporter. Since hockey is a self-funded sport, I will need to set aside roughly R100,000 in total for the 2024 season. This includes the price of attending the World Cup, which will be R83,000. In addition, I am currently a student and my tuition fees are R69,000 for 2024. Help with sponsorships of any amount would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


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R 83 000.00

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