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Grace Hallett Choir Tour Cause

My name is Dave Hallett and I am Grace's dad. Grace is 12 years old and lives in Cape Town and we are raising funds for her choir tour in Belgium 2020.

With the help of your donations, a wonderful South African Choir will be performing on the world stage and defending their title as the 4th best choir in the world.

To contribute please select the project below and then select the donate option...

Donor Messages

Enjoy the privilege of making beautiful music, Grace!
The Stolls
Know this will be an incredible experience for you Grace
Have a great time, Grace
You go girl!!
Gracie, keep singing.
Congrats Grace! Enjoy the adventure and let my home country hear your beautiful voice
All the best Grace!
The Kinmont’s
Sing and make beautiful memories
For Gracie’s tour from friends at church