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Every child deserves an education Campaign

Loyce was accept into university and has a dream of becoming a lawyer. She lives in Malawi and both her parents and two younger siblings live in South Africa, her mom works as a cleaner and her dad does odd jobs between them they around R6000 per month, this is used for food and shelter for the four of them and some money is sent to Malawi to Loyce. 

Her mother Anglea has worked for me for 5 years and is one of the sweets people I know, she only wants the best for her family but can afford very little. The world is cruel that some children who have everything are thankful for nothing and those that have so little are thankful for so much. 

I have helped where I can and gave money for Angela to get her daughter a laptop, this was now stole along with her cell phone and clothes. I have given more but don't have the funds to help with everything. If you belive every child deserves and education and you want to help make a young girls dreams come true, please donate any amount helps and it will be going to a great cause. The money will go to her school suppliers a new laptop and accomidation at the university.

Thank you whom ever you are.


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R 50 000.00

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