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Echoes of the Deep Campaign

Good day to all, my name is Grant Adams im a film student at SAE Institute Cape Town. This fund raising campaign is a collaboration of students working together a they final end of year film project titled Echoes of the Deep.  All the funds raised in this campaign will go directly towards to creation of this film, the funds will cover such things transportation for the crew and actors, renting/hiring of props, food for the cast and crew, location booking costs etc. Echoes of Deep answers some of the fundamental questions which have plagued humanity since the beginning of time, one of those questions being, is there life beyond what we see everyday or is this physical world all there is, and if there is another world what is our relationship to that world. Juniper the main character, goes through a journey of self discovery when her normal world gets turned upside down by events beyond her control or scope of understanding. 

Below is a synopsis of the Film:

"Audiences are looking for narratives that captivate and challenge them and Echoes of the Deep is going to meet that demand. The supernatural thriller genre is a time-tested favourite, and our film brings a fresh perspective. By combining the elements of suspense and the supernatural with themes of identity and self-discovery, the film challenges genre norms. Juniper, the protagonist, embarks on a journey that intertwines her supernatural experiences with an exploration of who she is and her familial roots. As well as now is the time for more black actors and actresses within this genre. ‘Echoes of the Deep’ is a force in ushering in this change.  It introduces new perspectives, experiences, and narratives that will enrich the genre and challenge the preconceived notions about the stories that can be told within this genre and space. ‘Echoes of the Deep’ aligns with this shift, placing Juniper, a black female protagonist, in the spotlight."


Fundraising target

R 7 500.00

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