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Grant Blakeway Melokuhle Cause

My name is Grant Blakeway. I hail from the city of Durban in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and I am 58 years old.

In December 2020, I’m going to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. In a small boat. By myself.

Why? It’s a question I get asked a lot, and plenty of people think I am absolutely nuts to take on something like this!

Having spent most of my life close to the ocean I know that this is my chance to stand up, speak up and raise the alarm on the level of pollution in our seas. 

It is a problem that affects everyone, and I believe that awareness will lead to action.

Please click on the project link below to support my campaign through a donation towards making a difference…

Donor Messages

Bill Nankervis
Long time Grant. Incredible effort .... Awesome. If you ever come past Washington DC, look us up!
Robyn Killops Southwood
Well done Grant! Incredible achievement
Grant you're a legend and an inspiration! He has beaten the odds!

Pro Aris Et Focus

Dave & Tracey Larkan
Great stuff Grant. Inspiring and motivating and been an absolute treat to follow your progress and the story as it unfolded. Huge repect.
Pro-Fit Private Training

Well done on such an amazing race! The Pro-Fit team are incredibly proud of what you have accomplished and overcome to complete this race.

Kevin & Toni Trodd
We always knew they made really tough okes out of Blakeways.
Alan Adcock
Grant, what a truly incredible feat and accomplishment you’ve achieved. From a fellow M. College old boy I’m very proud!
Matthew Marwick
Grant, you are an inspiration. You have done the #RedBlackWhite proud.

Activity feed

Bill Nankervis donated USD $ 102 via Melokuhle | "Stand for Good"
20 Mar 2021 USD $ 102
Robyn Killops Southwood donated USD $ 14 via Melokuhle | "Stand for Good"
19 Feb 2021 USD $ 14
Danny donated USD $ 50 via Melokuhle | "Stand for Good"
11 Feb 2021 USD $ 50
Dave & Tracey Larkan donated R 1 500 via Melokuhle | "Stand for Good"
08 Feb 2021 R 1 500
Kevin & Toni Trodd donated R 1 000 via Melokuhle | "Stand for Good"
07 Feb 2021 R 1 000