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The Centre caters for 50 patients. As there are no Community Based Facility like ours on the Cape Flat for Adult Psychiatric and Intellectually Challenged persons. At present the centre is not subsidized by government yet.The place is severely cash strapped as its income is presently is less than R70 000 per month.We pay a rental of R30 000 per month. The rest is spent on stipend staff salaries, water, electricity, gas, and maintenance. No money for food. We depended on hand outs to feed our patients. The Centre has played a pivotal role in the Cape Flats. These patients have suffered neglect because their respective families have not been in a position to help them.The majority are those who have been totally abandoned by their families. We survive on the disability grants of the patients of R1 690.00 per month. Donations from the community are food, second hand clothing, toiletries and shoes. The Care Givers (staff) wash the toilet 15 times a day. They bath,cut their fingernails or toenails, shave, brush their teeth and dress them. We currently have 40 patients, nine females and thirty one males. They are adults but their mind is of a child. Patients diagnoses living at the Centre are bipolar, schizophrenia, mental retardation, mute, intellectual disability, down syndrome, ADHD, psychosis. Most of them are born with the above disabilities an a few met with accidents. We need your help to raise Two Million Rands for a plot of 4000 square meters. We are currently busy looking at plots. Two Million Rands will get us started to Build a Community Mental Health Establisment in the Cape Flats. Help our patients to have a HOME.


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