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The Glenroma Women’s Empowerment Network (GWEN), is a dually registered Non-Profit Company and is located in Belville South.

The GWEN is comprised of three (3) Directors, four (4) additional Board Members and volunteers.

Our Vision is to Uplift, Empower and Instil Hope in our communities.

The GWEN endeavours to, through programmatic intervention, push back the frontiers of the triple challenge of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality.

The GWEN, defined as Holy, Pure and Blessed seeks to subscribe to the following value perspectives:


  •          Honesty;
  •          Integrity;
  •          Transparency;
  •          Commitment;
  •          Consistency; and
  •          Inclusivity


Our objectives are short, medium and long-term:


Strategic Objective

Measurable Ojective

Contributing towards the eradication of Hunger in the community of Bellville South

Distributing of Food Parcels


Building Youth Resilience through Empowerment and Support Programs

-          School Holiday Program

-          Aftercare tutoring and supervised     

           homework sessions.

-          Workshop and Sessions


Contributing towards the reduction of unemployment in Bellville South

Learnership/Internship Program




GWEN have to date established Collaborative Partnerships with the:


  • South African Police Service;
  • Department of Correctional Services;
  • Chrysalis Academy;
  • Local Community Neighbourhood Watch;
  • Local Primary and Secondary Schools;
  • Community Police Forum;
  • Hope for Life Church;
  • University of the Western Cape;
  • Department of Justice and Constitutional Development;
  • Director Public Prosecutions;
  • Cape Town Metropolitan Police Department;
  • Cape Town Fire & Rescue Service;
  • Narcotics Anonymous;
  • South African Navy;
  • South African Airforce;
  • Equip4Life; and
  • Artscape
  • BOSASA; and
  • Eden Learning


GWEN have thus far, through the local school Principals identified more than seventy-three (78) families in distress and have implemented school holiday programs through donations, distributed 531 food parcels to date, provided support to matriculants, and several other interventions such as the Hero Book Program, Equip4Life Program, Learner Support Program and other empowerment programs such as substance abuse awareness.


Economic Profile of Bellville South as per key Statistical Information Census 2011


  • Population age 15 - 64 years.... 21 486 (74% of total pop)
  • Approximately half (10 ,695) are economically active
  • Of which approximately 20% unemployed (2 164)
  • 36,8% earn less than R3,200 or have not income
  • 21,9% up to R 6, 400


GWEN Beneficiary Profiling:


GWEN is currently assisting 78 families comprised of 393 individuals.


Females under 18

Females Over 18


Males under 18

Males over 18

Number of Households


Income per household









89.6 % below R4500



Please find below quarterly budgets requiring funding.



Strategic Objective


Budget Required Quarterly

Addressing Zero Hunger


-          Distribution of Food Parcels 


R15 000.00

Learner Support Programs

-          School Holiday Programs


R15 000.00



-          Aftercare tutoring and supervised homework 


R15 000.00




-          Workshops and Sessions


R15 000.00


Any contribution towards the above mentioned programs will be appreciated.


Please visit our Facebook page - Glenroma Women’s Empowerment Network - GWEN

Cell: 061 918 8449