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The "Help a Girl, Help a Girl" Initiative is all about the celebration of women, and women celebrating themselves, in every shape and size, and stage, from all walks of life. Our goal with this project, is to encourage women to believe that who and what they are, is enough whilst simultaneously equipping them with the tools, advice and networking they need, so that they can be the powerful, fierce and amazing women they are. With "Help a Girl, Help a Girl, we are determined to create change by incorporating Girl Dates with motivational discussions and experiences and interactions. Help a Girl, Help a Girl is a Non Profit Company which aims to provide Mentoring and Training Programmes to Girls in the greater Cape Flats Region.

Help a Girl, Help a Girl’s goal is to foster a commitment to young girls that will promote skills training, socio-economic empowerment, poverty alleviation, social cohesion and most importantly enforcing and restoring the dignity of underprivileged young women by instilling inter and intrapersonal skills. We strongly believe that through instilling a sense of pride and reinforcing social skills will reassert a sense of hope for the future as well establish a responsibility and accountability that will give young women the commitment to follow through on a path to adulthood with a sense of accomplishment. Help a Girl, Help a Girl is Project that is in direct response to to the growing number of young people, and especially young women, who are either falling through the cracks or are already entangled with undesirable activities and behaviours, as well as young women who do not have access to opportunities that will catapult their future planned endeavours. Another goal of the Project is to offer a positive support system to assist in the pitfalls that these young women will come across that might derail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level, but the goal remains the same; empower young women to make positive changes in her life so that she can positively contribute to society and her immediate community. Our core mission is to mobilise women to empower other women and girls and to provide a platform to facilitate the interaction of developmental relationships.

The Mission of “Help a Girl, Helpa a Girl is the pursuit of the following principles: Commitment: Help a Girl, Help a Girl wants to promote social cohesive relationships, strong inter and intrapersonal skills and instill a sense hope for the future. Responsibility and Accountability: The focus of Help a Girl, Help a Girl is to empower young women in establishing goals and following through on commitments. Possibility: Help a Girl, Help a Girl want to expand the perspective for young women, to make them aware of the possibilities beyond their current circumstances. Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Help a Girl, Help a Girl aims to surround young women with a caring, loving, inclusive environment which fosters learning and simultaneously, healing.

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