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My goal has always been to find ways that creativity and sustainable social impact can coexist. That's why I applied to NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.  I've reached a point in my career where I know that my exposure is limiting the impact I can have, and I want to change that.

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Donor Messages

Thabs Matsau
You deserve this more than anyone I know. May the gods be as good to you as you've been the rest of us. Big Love H
Good luck H! x
Do great things, Hallie. See you in NYC.
I believe in you and love you to the moon and back. Go change the world, lady!
Go get ‘em Tigerhalcat ????
i've not yet had the chance to meet you, but your tweets are fire & you've left quite a fan club in tpe ;) i truly hope you keep making magic happen
Good luck, Hallie! <3
Salome Brown Gooding
Don’t give up on your dream
You got this girl! So much love for you! ????