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Help mama HB get her degree Campaign

Hi, my name is Hannah Brown. 
I am currently 21 years old, I grew up in Hillcrest, Durban KZN.
My story starts sum 10 months ago. In February of 2023 I returned to Stellenbosch University as a 3rd BSc student, I was studying a BSc in Human Physiology. On the 4 of April 2023 I flew back home for the Easter weekend, as well as my 21st birthday. Upon arriving home, I complain to my mum about a stomach ache. The next day mum took me to the doctor… I was 30 weeks pregnant. 
As you can imagine, this was news that immediately change the trajectory of my life. That same day, we heard news that the company my mum works for has been placed into business rescue. Double whammy. 

I’ve subsequently had my little girl, Gracie, on the 6th of June. And in all honesty, becoming her mum has been the greatest joy and blessing I’ve ever experienced. Gracie has bought about a refreshed sense of happiness and colour to my life. It’s been quite the journey with a few bittersweet lessons in between. 

I was never able to return to Stellenbosch to complete my degree. There is no ways I would cope without the help of my parents in raising Gracie. 
But I do need to finish my degree in order to have the best chance at providing my Gracie and I with a promising future. I am determined and motivated to say the very least. The options of finishing a BSc degree online are few and far between. (In person is not an option as I can’t employ someone full time to watch nunu.)

I would like to complete my qualification through the Open University in the UK. But this comes at a pretty penny. 
Please help me, through donating towards my studies. 
Any contribution would be sincerely appreciated. 

Thank you kindly


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