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I am Hanri - Mother of None. I would prefer to be Mother of at least One. I cannot have children, or so I am told by the doctors. I have endured 3 IUI treatments (Artificial Insemination), IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilization), a miscarriage and Adoption applications. Unfortunately, the adoption process will likely take up to ten years - and Father Time is not on my side. 

The journey of womanhood cannot be easily explained through the eyes of a selfproclaimed tomboy such as myself. Motherhood, on the other hand, would explain and cement my sense of womanhood once and for all. If it were only given a chance. This endeavor has thus far crippled our family financially. Last year, my father in law had his leg amputated, which put immense pressure on our family, both financially and emotionally, all in the midst of exhaustive treatments. We have suffered one setback after the next, avalanches of false hope and enough disappointments to last a lifetime. We have sold our car, our hearts and our sense of humor in order to sustain this need. Let me impress on you: this is a need, not a want. The maternal longing for my unborn son/daughter is much stronger than the wants of this world. At age 39, my plea to you is this: please help me bring into existence the One that should have been. I am sure of this: I have to try one more time. It would be a disservice to myself and my family if I didn't. 

As an adopted child myself, I have developed an overwhelming motherly instinct which cannot be explained in these pages. The need to raise a child in an uncompromising, happy home has taken over the very fibre of my ambitions. I am asking for a chance at one last IVF treatment, in order to create the little human we need so much, to bind this family together. 

The One that should have been, the One that deserved a chance. 


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R 100 000.00

Donations to date

R 7 000.00

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R 7 000.00

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