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HART - Helderberg Animal Rescue Team

HART is a foster home rescue organisation, we do not have kennels, we work on weekends in poor communities helping pets and people who love them.

Helderberg Animal Rescue Team is a registered NPO. A group of volunteers who help the animals in various poor communities in the Helderberg area.Our primary aim is to provide support and guidance to pet owners in these communities. Most Saturday’s a team of volunteers offers primary health care such as vaccination, deworming, dipping and primary medical care.We also provide food, kennels, blankets, bowls, leads, collars, toys and education. Our goal is to sterilise and vaccinate all of the animals in these two areas and to assist their owners with the help of funding and donations from the public.   We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and are involved in cat trapping and sterilisation.

Donor Messages

Thanks for all you do
Hans Hugo
Please keep up your good work!
Naomi Jane
Only a small contribution, but it will come monthly...Thank you for all you do!
You guys are amazing!! Thank you!!!
Thank you for the work you do!
Thanks for all you do
just a bit, will start a monthly soon as I can x
Val Runkel
They do so much for the animals in impoverished areas! And also for the kids! Thank you, you are all angels!
Thank you for doing what you do! You're heroes!

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donated by Virgilia to HART - Helderberg Animal Rescue Team
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