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HIV Service At Your Doorstep

We are a call out HIV service targeting the following people who avoid starting HIV treatment because:

  • They feel healthy therefore see no need to start ARVs
  • Started ARVs and stopped
  • Too busy to go queue at the publc clinic
  • They do not want people to know their HIV status therefore feel that by going to the clinic they will be indirectly disclosing their status because they will meet other patients.
  • They hate visiting clinics because of previous or perceived treatment by the staff for example; adolescents, sex workers and gay men.
  • They have feelings of fear, shame and denial; as a result they have internal stigma which makes it difficult to seek medical treatment because they think people will judge them.

We work with public health facilities and some NGOs which provide HIV counselling and Testing. They provide us with a database of all clients who tested HIV positive either not started ARVs or stopped taking them. We go to comminities to trace these clients, counsel them and take them back to the clinic. If they refuse to go to the clinic we provide all services that would have been offered at the clinic including blood tests and ARVs. We link them to their nearest clinic for blood specimen testing and ARVs, they dont have to physically go to the clinic, we collect their treatment for them. We keep them until they are virally suppressed (about a year) then decant them to adherence clubs for collection of medication.


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