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My name isHaylie. I am a beautiful crossbreed girl who was adopted from the SPCA at around 6 months old. I was born deformed - I have no ball sockets in my hind legs and my legs are hardly attached to my hips which is why I am in so much pain.

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All the best Haylie!
Ross Falconer
Get well Hailey
Hamish Gray
Happy to help
Go Hayley!
Hope you get sorted!
Claire Ellis
Well done, Lesley x
Liz Morais
Well wishes & best of luck x
Hope this small amount helps

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Amith donated R 200 via Fix Haylie's Hips
20 May 2021 R 200
Ross Falconer donated USD $ 12 via Fix Haylie's Hips
24 Jul 2020 USD $ 12
Hamish Gray donated USD $ 12 via Fix Haylie's Hips
23 Jul 2020 USD $ 12
Sandy donated USD $ 12 via Fix Haylie's Hips
20 Jul 2020 USD $ 12
JP donated USD $ 18 via Fix Haylie's Hips
17 Jul 2020 USD $ 18