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Healing Lives saw the need to play a brotherly/sisterly role to orphaned and abandoned children. We strive to change the feeling and outlook of negativity and neglect they experience and impart the feeling of hope, love, self-worth, dignity and a sense of joy as we believe that since this is shown by their peers it will uplift their moral while catering for some of their basic needs. We believe that we are the perfect candidates to do so as Healing Lives, as we are a 100% youth run charity organisation. Healing Lives has quite a few goals and ambitions aimed at changing the lives of the less fortunate. Our other focus point and purpose is to involve the community in a slick manner in luring them into playing a role in making a difference in the world of those who can’t fend for themselves nor have support system like most of us. We have noticed that some people want to lend a helping hand but don’t know how, while some are too busy with their lives to notice consciously that they could assist in putting a smile on a child’s face however with a voice to advocate and navigate their attention to look decisively and tap into Ubuntu as we believe that we are because of others.

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