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Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary

We are not just a rehoming center we are a Sanctuary and safe haven for horses and farm animals in need. We take in horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats, pigs etc. we bottle feed orphan lambs, calves and goats.

Our horses that we are unable to rehome due to age or injury will remain at our Sanctuary for the rest of their natural lives.


Donations to date

R 26 767.06

Fundraising target

R 49 000.00

Donor Messages

I am so very grateful for what you are doing and for the suffering you are relieving. Please let me know when you need help. I hope this will bring you the batteries, fences and water you need.
Jen Seggie
Diesel donation.... thanks
Julie Morton
Thank you for all that you do, you guys rock!
Blessings to all beings
You guys are doing such amazing work! Thank you for loving these poor babies so beautifully

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Emy donated USD $ 1 509 via Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary - FEED FUND
18 Dec 2020 USD $ 1 509
paivi donated USD $ 26
23 Apr 2020 USD $ 26