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HEART is an NPO based in Paarl and services the Paarl and Greater Drakenstein geographical area, covering approximately 1538 square kilometers.

HEART NPO believes firmly in the Community's ability to take care of the Community's Vulnerable TOGETHER.

We have a moral and humane responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves.

The aged worked their entire lives within our community, and were responsible for much of the economic growth and development of our region, by the sweat of their brow. It is an atrocity that so many of our Aged cannot live their last years in dignity. Assisting the Aged without judgement and prejudice and ensuring their basic needs are provided for, is an honor and should be done with utmost respect and compassion.

Children are tomorrow’s leaders, workers, decision makers and givers, yet so many are adversely affected by poor adult choices. While constructive efforts should be applied to change the mind set, sense of responsibility and general treatment of children in and by the community, we have an obligation to treat each child as our own, which means providing safety, care and love to all children. Basic needs of all children must be provided for without hesitation.

Disability and illlness is not easy to accept and live with, under the best of circumstances. In our community, many individuals fight ongoing battles beyond their control, impacted by social and economic issues. Providing not only for the practical needs of the disabled and sick, but also compassionately reaching out with targeted care, emotional support and awareness, should be a priority of the Community at large.

The greatest loss for any vulnerable person, is not so much the physical things which makes Life easier, such as food, clothing or even a place to call Home. The greatest loss, is that of dignity. Every effort, each project and program implemented by HEART, will focus on the preservation and promotion of Dignity, the upliftment of Spirits and the gifting of Hope.

Too many of our Elderly sleep on floors, too many of our Children go hungry, too many of our Sick and Frail are forgotten in their dispair, too many of our People sleep cold, are dressed in rags, have no food security and have been failed.

In addition, we acknowledge that there are many unemployed individuals in our community who, through skills training designed for all individual capabilities, can create earning opportunities within the community through sponsored community service programs and have the dignity of being able to provide for themselves and their families.

You can align your HEART to ours and fundraise toward providing and caring for our community's vulnerable and help us create income generating projects and programs for the unemployed.


Please feel free to contact us:


Cell: 0625375206

Email: [email protected]


Fundraising target

R 16 000.00

Donations to date

R 4 399.87

Funds raised offline

R 1 300.00

Donor Messages

Hope you reach your goal x
Lesley Lansom
A small donation towards your appeal to give these children a special Christmas.
J. Davidson
Received with love and thanks ??
Siew Yen
What a wondeful cause- may the children have a wonderful Christmas. And cheers to Sam and Rob too!
C. Miller
Received with love and thanks
A. Miller
Great work Heart NPO
Let’s get these precious children a lovely Christmas x