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Hearing impairment is the largest disability worldwide. Data suggests that the incidence of severe hearing loss is about 7 in every 1000 live births.

In South Africa these babies usually grow up in silence, marginalized, learning sign language, with often limited prospects. But some are lucky. Bionic ears are available to those who can afford it. These miracle devices called “cochlear implants” are surgically implanted as early as possible in children with complete hearing loss. This gives their brain access to sound and they learn to hear and speak. The younger they are implanted the better the result. They grow up normally, with normal speech and language. A miracle of modern science. The results are remarkable.

Hear Us is registered as a non-profit organisation and operates in association with the Cochlear Implant Unit at Tygerberg Hospital. Since inception, 60 beneficiaries have received cochlear implants with part assistance from Hear Us. The vision is to assist children and adults to obtain a cochlear implant which changes their lives. Children and adults who become deaf later, now have hope, as they can hear with an implant. In 2009 the Support Arm of Hear Us was formed consisting of implantees, parents, and staff of the Cochlear Implant Unit, to take the cause further.

The main aim is to broaden awareness of Cochlear Implants amongst the community and professionals and to then provide support and information to potential implantees and their families. Hear Us is reliant on private donations and fundraising to achieve their aims.


Donations to date

R 344 387.07

Fundraising target

R 1 000 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 231 672.00

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Anita Vasson
Ramola Harie
Congratulations. Keep up the good work!
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Congratulations. Keep up the good work!
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Well done !
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Congratulations on your achievements.
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Well done ! Keep up the good work !
Shanti Makan
Well done, Siyashova!
Louis Whittal
Congrats! Here is to Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. And to all the weight lost, and facial hair gained!
Bhadra & Hansa Chavda
Congratulations on your success, best wishes for 2012