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Support Hedwig at Pole Worlds Campaign

Welcome to my journey to the POSA Pole Art World Championship in Barcelona!

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to represent South Africa on the global stage for the third time in my pole career, and I'm reaching out to my community, friends and family because your support over the years has literally meant the world to me. As you know, Pole Sport is still a very young discipline, which means that this is an entirely self-funded endeavor. Your contribution will really make a huge difference.

This year, my performance, "STORM," takes inspiration from the quote: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain." This theme resonates deeply with me, given the ups and downs I've faced this year, from physical training to closing my beloved pole studio, starting a new job, supporting my husband through burnout recovery, and planning our big move to Germany after the World Championship. "STORM" has been a powerful reminder that even in turbulent times, there's a silver lining, and storms will eventually give way to rainbows. The struggle is worth it and growth is inevitable.

Channeling this metaphor of resilience and the indomitable South African spirit that we've all witnessed so strongly during this World Cup season, I am deeply honored to carry our nation's banner on the global stage in a sport that also demands relentless commitment and dedication. Much like the Rugby World Cup united our nation, I hope to bring that same spirit to the world of pole artistry with your help.

Now, let's break down the estimated costs:

  • Competition Entry Fee: R1,515.65
  • Competition Costume: R3,000
  • 3 Months of Competition Training with my Strength Coach: R3,650
  • 3 Months of Competition Training with my Choreography Coach: R2,500
  • Studio Hire for Training (3 months): R6,000
  • Accommodation in Barcelona (7-11 Dec): R9,391.93
  • Flights from Frankfurt to Barcelona (7 Dec): R2,500
  • Flights from Barcelona to Hannover (11 Dec): R2,000
  • Food and Travel Expenses in Barcelona (7-11 Dec): R5,500

The total estimated cost adds up to R36,057.58, and your contribution can make a tremendous difference towards making this vision possible. Every little bit helps.

Your support not only fuels my journey but also inspires others to tackle their own challenges head-on. As a 31-year-old athlete, I proudly represent the idea that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work towards your goals. This is a chance for the pole world to see the strength and tenacity of South Africans, too.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, for believing in me, and for helping me turn adversity into art. Let's dance through this storm together and seize this incredible opportunity. Your contribution means the world to me.


Fundraising target

R 37 000.00

Donations to date

R 9 109.18

Donor Messages

Good luck my flying pole Angel 🫶🪽🌟💫
Good luck my southafrican friend🥳
All the best xx
Charlene Jolly
All the best in this adventure lovely, I know you are going to be absolutely amazing as usual and I am so so proud of you for taking the challenge again and for jumping into a new life.... You're such an inspiration always ❤️
You rock !
Thank you for all the smiles. Unicorn Leopard 🦄🐆
Thank you for being amazing! Looking forward to seeing you follow your dreams and I can't wait to pole with you in Germany! Huge hugs 🤗 and all the best with immigration 💕

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