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Memorial fund for Inayet Petker Campaign

Written by Michale Lee on 6 October 2023

Perhaps the greatest greatness of all the Profiles of Greatness, if such is possible: INAYET PETKER. 

Inayet was a great friend. Not only to me but to hundreds of other people, if not more. 

I met Inayet when he was in my training program as a Landmark Introduction Leader, the first such program to be held online and across Africa, in 2021. 

Both Inayet and myself had a long history with Landmark, both as introduction leaders, and both of us started that work in the US. 

But Inayet was originally from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 and after a long period in the USA, had settled in Durban, where after much hard work he earned himself his own flat on the beachfront - with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean he woke up to each day.

He raised his three daughters as a single father and led the wedding of one of those daughters as a proud patriarch only two weeks ago with family coming from all over the planet to celebrate. 

It was not the first time he pulled together people from around the globe. He held a family reunion last year featuring much of that same family. 

As a Landmark introduction leader and seminar leader, he worked from Los Angeles to India and empowered literally thousands - but never skipped having time to help just one person at a time when it called to him.

Earlier this year he completed his memoirs, Indian out of Africa, and also his series of coloring books for children based on his own two dozen albums of sacred Islamic songs. 

He was a devout Muslim and a passionate singer but mostly he was a radical humanist who loved nothing more than life itself.

Three days after the wedding, Inayet was found dead. 

No cause of death was established, but he seemed to have died in peace and quiet, either unaware of his own passing, or content with it.

He left behind him literally hundreds of us who mourn his sudden disappearance, a reminder that we must never take anything for granted. 

Inayet Petker was a vibrant life force who none of us could ever imagine just vanishing like this. His presence was always so... present, so vibrant, so absolutely THERE and so full of love, support, and empowerment.... 

His devotion to always improving himself, but more importantly, empowering the empowerment of everyone around him, makes Inayet Petker deeply deserving of the honor of a PROFILES OF GREATNESS - and as I have said, perhaps the greatest of all. 

We started this fund to honour this amazing human and to dedicate a fund to those people to do the Landmark work but is unable to afford it. This is an act of love from all of us to share in the love of the work that he lovingly, fiercely, generously gave to the world. 

We as his community show that we appreciate what he stood for and what he demonstrated to all of us year after year. We stand with Inayet in his desire for everyone to do this work that he loved so much. 

Together we show our beloved friend that we stand with him and honour his work and his stand for community and education and a better world for you and me.




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