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A pensioner lady contacted Feral Watch and begged for assistance. The lady recently lost her husband, and Mr Plops, her cat is her life. He injured himself a while ago and developed cellulitis. Feral Watch couldn't look the other way than to help this lady. 
Mr Plops was admitted and examined under anaesthesia. The wound was deep and infected. Surgery was performed and he had to stay in the hospital. A few days later he developed necrosis (dead tissue around the wound). A second surgery was considered but the chances of more dead tissue was good and then there would not be enough skin to close up the wound. 

Plan B was to amputate the leg and even this was a risky solution but the best under these circumstances. He did well after surgery but refused to eat from anyone but his owner. Her being a pensioner with no transport volunteers from Feral Watch fetched and took her to the vet every day to visit Mr Plops and feed him.

He was in hospital for 3 weeks recovering and then the best day happened when he was declared fit to go home. He will need to follow up off course to monitor his progress but for now all is good and this lady just cried tears of joy. 

However, she and Feral Watch is concerned about the medical expenses and to get the bill covered. 
Your donation towards this course will mean the world to Mr Plops's owner and bring relief to everyone. 


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