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Hi good day my name is Heinrich Witbooi I'm 47 years old I'm unemployed for 2 years now i use to own a Ford bantam bakkie i used to have a contract with the courier guy but after a year they ended my contract because my vehicle were to small so after two months i lost my vehicle me my wife and 3 kids are renting a house so now it's only my wife working she must now pay rent buy food school fees electricity traveling fair for her self so most of the time she can't buy any food so I really want to step in to provide for my family because we don't have any support from any of our families I'm a courier for the past 20 years.So my idea and need is to go to fast way courier because they are a franchise i can buy a route and just one vehicle than i have a steady income and a permanent job and i can provide for my family and atleast i will be able to employ 1 person in need the reason I'm doing it on this platform i don't know what else to do because my situation a worsen I'm pleading for help please. I want to thank everyone in advanceĀ 

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