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Helderberg Bird Rescue

Helderberg Bird Rescue is run by 3 individuals, we take in injured, baby birds and raise them to be set free again once they are of age.

We are in desperate need of Aviary’s, they are very expensive to buy or construct and its just not something we can fund alone, at this stage we are in need of two large aviaries for our rescue birds, both for housing and rehabilitation purposes. 

We are basically at capacity most of the time and end up turning away rescues until we have space to accommodate more.  

Food & Medication is also funded from our own pockets and can become very expensive when you are looking after a few birds at a time .

The aviary’s dimensions we would like to purchase for the time being , 2m Length x 2m Deep x 2.4m High to the value of R15000.00

Please help us reach our target so we can continue to do what we do and accommodate many more rescues



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