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Help Weather damage Campaign

Hi everyone so sorry for asking but I'm truly in need of some help. I know it is a bit odd asking for the reasons im asking. I dont know what else to do and financialy we basically already hit rock bottom. With the covid both people that earned lost their jobs. Our electricity was switch of and To make matters worse with the heavy rain and wind and age, the weather damaged our house severely. The roof is about to go. When it rains it floods the house. The family is on the edge of collapse. If I can fix the roof and electricity and water (the major and important damages. Please if anyone might be in position to help it would be much appreciated. Whe are 5 people living in the house,keep on getting sick of the whet damp caused by the weather and rain. Things are in a tuff spot. And i have a litle one in the house aswell that needs to be dry and save. She is 4 so you will be helping a family in need with no one els to turn to but Angels please help anyone?!!God bless and love to all. 

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