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You encourage people by seeing the good i Campaign Logo

You encourage people by seeing the good i Campaign

We have community assistance needed for spectacles for a mom and her son. The mother is 

currently unemployed and only receiving a disability grant, which most of it goes towards 

children's school transport and other monthly needed last had her glasses and 

eyes done 3 years ago, she has high stigmae.her glasses broke and is using store baught 

frames with her scripted lences. They are poor fitted and causes lots of headaches.her son is 

in need of eye test and spectacles as well, as he has blurred vision and also suffers with 

headaches. We are reaching out to the community for donations towards eye test and 

spectacles for both mom and child. If anyone can assist to please call neovision athlone 

0333426327. please contact this number 0838962306 if you have donated towards the 

cause and to give anymore info regarding your donation. We appreciate each and everyone of 

that are willing to assist. Our goal for donations is R4000.we do not have their banking 

details.feel free to call neovision athlone pietermaritzburg if you want to make direct deposit 

to their bank account, using Izane/christiaan wagenaar as reference . 

Thank you in advance 


Fundraising target

R 4 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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