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In the shadows, behind closed doors, a human tragedy unfolds daily.

We know!  we have seen it every day. We, Matthew and Marion Peake, are the husband and wife couple running NPO Helping those in Need in East London, South Africa.


We have been serving and helping the destitute, the broken and the lost for the past two years, and have seen a drastic increase in abuse and abandoned children within the community while we feed 100s of children daily.

Children abused and abandoned, hungry and hurt. Tiny babies being pimped out by their mothers to score drug money. Children raising children with no support and no money.

We work fulltime to feed and cloth these children, rallying the support of individuals, taking leftover food from generous shops and distributing this and other donations far and wide. A guestimate would be that in our time running the NPO Helping those in Need, we have provided meals to over 200000 families and provided strength and support to those moms and dads who need a loving touch and kind word.  

Lives can be changed through our ministry - but we need help to do this. Already, on faith, we have rescued our beautiful foster son and two foster daughters who we are raising alongside our two children. We are mom & dad to these children and our biggest cry is to be able to buy a big home to rescue more children. 

We don't need anything fancy- we just need a safe space and place in which to welcome in children who have been shunted from foster home to foster home, who have made the streets their dwelling place, who have been pushed out into the cold to fend for themselves.

We are not wanting to offer a safe house but a home for children whose souls and hearts have been ripped apart from abuse and neglect. We want to restore, with love and compassion and the great joy of Jesus Christ.

We have a passion to see lives changed. None of these children asked to be in the positions they're in, making it even more urgent to save these lives from certain death, to give them hope for tomorrow, to give them love as if they were our own children and to teach them what it means to love without worry.

But we, running Helping Those In Need, have no funds of our own, and any funds we raise goes to the immediate needs. When you are faced with either saving money or providing baby formula to a mom who, with despair in her eyes, is feeding baby powder with sugar water to her newborn, we choose to give till it hurts as the bible says we should.

We need your help in this most ambitious project of ours- to buy a house. We have found one that would suit every purpose outline in our mission. It is in the heart of Berea, East London, centrally located so we can continue serving our community. 

It is big enough to house many children, so we can continue to offer more of those in need a safe haven. 

It has space for the bounty of donations we continually receive and redistribute. It has room to grow.

Please consider partnering with us as we invest in the lives of the children we see, on a daily basis, in desperate need. And investment with Helping Those In Need is an investment into, the future of South Africa.

Helping Those In Need was founded on Matthew 25: 35-36: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

We know how it feels to be hungry due to poor life choices and drug abuse and having undergone a double mastectomy just five months ago and having chemotherapy for breast cancer, was a life awaking realization of how short life can be but Jesus came and rescued us. Help Us, through Him, restore dignity to little lives. 


Please check out our Facebook page for more information and how you can help us help children in our community become healed and whole.





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