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Since 16 years old (I'm 25 now) I realised I have a true passion for music composition, from the start of an idea to radio-ready hits, creating it all on my own.
As a child I used to perform to the bricks in the wall, it was me on a stage performing to millions of people, while mom listened to the Trace channel. That desire still remains with me to this day.

I've studied music production, music marketing, music business, sound engineering and songwriting for over 9 years. I completely switched my musician mind to a business mind a few months ago, being more ready than ever to pursue this dream.

But.. I'm currently a graphic designer, barely making it through each month. From a prosperous real estate agent, living with my family in our own apartment, to living with in-laws and a immovable vehicle. We have 1 baby boy which is 1 years old and another on the way. I only yearn for their happiness and comfort.

Through experience and studies I know now how to be a successful musician and run it as a business. But as we all know to start any type of business, one needs capital.
So I'm in need of any amount of donations which I will use to run marketing campaigns and essentials to be successful in music.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Have a blessed day.


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R 9 500.00

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