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Brain cancer loss of income Campaign

October 2023 I went to work, and as per usual, our team went to the local coffee shop to get our morning coffee...

while waiting for our order, I collapsed, only to wake up with medics around me; after which I was submitted to the hospital. A MRI scan was done, which showed a tumor on my brain. after speaking to the neuro-surgeon, my surgery was scheduled for the Friday so he could remove the tumor.

Friday came, and the tumor was removed successfully. After a week I went home and recovered well. Then a month later we went to see the doctor again for our follow up , to discuss the findings from the surgery. He explained that the tumor was removed, and was sent away to the labs to determine if the tumor was malignant or cancerous. unfortunately the report indicated that was a very aggressive cancer, but that there is hope, and that I will need to make contact with the oncologist who will look at all the info, and then work out a treatment plan.

In the month after the operation, I was not able to work, which obviously meant a loss of income. My employer paid me  in full for October, November, December, and January (2024); however, in March (2024) they will deduct all the hours which I have been paid for last year. once I reach end of March, and not receive my usual income, which means, I will not be able to make all my usual financial responsibilities. 

I'm waiting for my medical aid to approve the cancer treatment plan, once done the treatment will start, but my big concern for now is my loss of income for March (2024). If I can get some assistance to help me cover some of my financial responsibilities, I will REALLY be so greatfull. 


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