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All i need is a miracle Campaign

My journey after surviving Covid 3 times. My name is Hester i was a healthy individual and then Covid.. It affected my sight, my brain, my kidney and liver function and now i need an operation just to stop the bile duct from my liver that is pushing up tbrough my oesophagus.
 Not being able to sleep unless im in a sitting position. Suffering from hearburn, getting so sick that the dr assumed i gad bronchitis after an xrsy and scope, it was ckear i need surgery soo er than later. If i dont get the operation i stand the risk of sepsis, gangerene , cancer.  BUMMER is the procedure is R131000 the consultations before different specialists R 13000 that is  without the sonar, the blood tests and the gastroscopy. Ive already missed so much of work and are being cautioned about human resources we get ten days sick leave a year i have exceeded it, and had to pay more than one and a half months salary  to my work for contracting   covid.  No matter how sick i feel i need to show up, dress up and have a smile in my voice to help patients. I  made a promise to my brother, that i will be there for his children before he died  i am trying my best to keep that promise... All i need is a  a kind heart i believe there is still good people out there and i will pay it forward not in money but in every other wsy possible


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