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Zane Kirchner is a man with a vision. Having grown up as a barefoot boy in Blanco, he evolved into one of his generation's top rugby players. Today, Zane's dream is to take everything he has learned on and off the field, return to his roots and start making a difference in the lives of youngsters who live trapped by poverty.

Opportunities to excel are scarce, resources are little, and unfortunately, the ease with which youngsters look for a way out in the wrong places is very real. Lives of drugs, crime and gang membership are on the cards for many who simply see no other way and who succumb to peer pressure and a "solution" to ease the very negative circumstances surrounding them. As Zane grew up, he honed his focus on the 9 metres of tar that divided his stomping grounds from one of the most affluent neighborhoods opposite from where he lived. It became a promise to himself and a way to focus his self-discipline to find a way to cross these 9 meters: permanently. Seemingly so near, and yet so far!

Today, we all know the story of his meteoric rise through the rugby ranks as a fullback to be reckoned with. And we can join Zane on his journey to become change-agents in the lives of the youngsters trapped on the wrong side of the road. His goal is to raise funds to be able to open a training facility where these kids have free access not just to physical training, but also to life skills coaching. You can help by pledging to his crowdfunding page on BackABuddy, or by getting on board by touching base with him so Zane can share his dream. Section 18A certificates can be issued to corporate donors. Visit Zane's cause-specific Facebook page for regular updates and more info:


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