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?His Prophecy Youth mission was established in July 2018 and gave birth through a passionate young woman, a mother of many, a teacher in profession, a prayer warrior and outstanding community youth leader, Lizzel Gous.

We are newly registered as an organization since July 2018 and strive to achieve more being registered in terms of fundraising. We currently have challenges with a venue to accommodate the youngsters and equipment to enable our youth to be entertained and not seek pleasures in the cruel world outside. We have a very powerful and passionate youth choir who sang in the film "Vlug na Egipte" on SABC 2 and won many music competitions held at various churches and we would like to develop this talent to become a career for many less fortunate youth. We also have talented contemporary dances, drama groups, public speakers, poets etc.

We are in need of funds and believe with the help we can get we will make a huge impact in our community.

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