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Assistance with Outstanding Fees 59983 Campaign

Dear Potential Donor/ Sponsor,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Hlumisa Ntshamba, and I am currently a Masters candidate at the University of Witwatersrand, pursuing a Masters in Commerce (Research). I am reaching out to you with a sincere request for assistance in paying off my outstanding fees.  

I have embraced every opportunity to excel academically and have consistently demonstrated my commitment to my studies. Despite the financial obstacles that I have encountered, I have managed to persevere and maintain a high level of academic performance (Golden Key Member, graduating my undergraduate degree with a Cum Laude and being awarded with a Postgraduate Merit Award at Wits in my Honours year).

I am delighted to inform you that I have recently received my Masters (dissertation) results and it’s a PASS. However, I find myself in a challenging financial situation. Despite my relentless efforts to secure funding from various institutions, I have been unfortunate in obtaining the necessary financial support. Even the National Research Foundation (NRF), which graciously funded my honours year, was unable to support me during my Masters year.

Regrettably, due to the outstanding balance of over R153 000 (included my tuition and accommodation), I will not be permitted to graduate if the outstanding fees balance exceeds R15,000. Therefore, I am writing this email to humbly request your sponsorship or any form of financial assistance that would enable me to settle my outstanding fees and fulfill my dream of graduating. Your assistance would not only alleviate my financial burden but also provide me with the opportunity to complete my academic journey successfully.

The next graduation month for Masters students at my university will take place in December. Therefore, it is crucial for me to settle my outstanding fees before these dates  (6 weeks before graduation date) to be eligible to attend the graduation ceremony. Any support you can offer, whether it be a donation towards my outstanding fees or guidance on potential funding sources, would be immensely appreciated.

I genuinely believe that education is a powerful tool for personal and societal transformation. Your support would not only enable me to achieve my academic aspirations but also empower me to make a positive impact in my field of study and contribute meaningfully to society.

Thank you for considering my request. I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss this matter further or provide any additional information that you may require. Please feel free to reach me at [email protected].

Once again, I express my deepest gratitude for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Hlumisa Ntshamba 


Fundraising target

R 153 000.00

Donations to date

R 4 634.60

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Zama T.
It will end in praise my sister. I'm praying for you.
Siseko Sophi
Strongs Misa❤️
Aphelele Ntshamba

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18 Sep 2023 R 2 500
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