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Holly Bright Medical Cause

My name is Kim from Table View, Cape Town and I am asking for assistance to help Holly.

Holly is my beautiful, lively 3 year old niece who was born with Rett Syndrome. She lives just down the road from me in Edgemead Cape Town, and any local residents may have seen her in her wheelchair with those beautiful big eyes and glowing red hair.

hey will also need to purchase a laptop or tablet and the necessary brackets to brace it on her wheelchair, but are hoping to find a second hand laptop with the specific specifications for the PCEye device and may try to make their own brackets, so the target below is only for the device. If we are blessed enough to exceed it, funds will go towards the laptop and bracktes.

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Donor Messages



We keep the family in our prayers... God will Provide and Protect.
Lucy Mann
Sending my love
Chantal Croaster
All the best little Holly
Helen Clegg
Hope this helps a little towards helping Holly. With love, Helen & family.


Hilton Tait
Hope everyone helps you reach your target
Mukesh & Darshna
Lots of love and blessings from your old NCT friends
I am just too blessed to have the privelage of been able to support such a wonderful project for such a beautiful little girl

Activity feed

Danielle donated R 50 via Help Holly "talk" with Dynavox
29 Jul 2021 R 50
Lucy Mann donated USD $ 17 via Help Holly "talk" with Dynavox
27 Jul 2021 USD $ 17
Chantal Croaster donated R 100 via Help Holly "talk" with Dynavox
23 Jul 2021 R 100
Helen Clegg donated USD $ 14 via Help Holly "talk" with Dynavox
22 Jul 2021 USD $ 14
Hilton Tait donated R 134 via Help Holly "talk" with Dynavox
22 Jul 2021 R 134