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Home of Hope is a designated child protection organisation and a Non-Profit organisation that provides services for the protection, education and support of children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected and those who suffer from Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and or HIV. Home of Hope runs a number of projects two of which are highlighted below.

- Operating a Children's Home known as Mimosa House (CYCC). Home of Hope believes that it is only in a home environment where there is love and care that a child can learn the values that will assist him or her in becoming a socially responsible adult and invest in future generations. The aim of the organisation to nurture these children in a family environment has not changed since combining the three foster homes into one Children’s home. Our family environment has just grown a little bigger and we have the added advantage of being able to accommodate up to 25 children who are in need of a home. Having all the children on one premises also allows their routine to be more structured which is vital with special needs children and allows the Social Workers to provide better support to the children and carers.

2. Amathemba; a special needs school for children who suffer from FASD and other similar neurodevelopment delays. This is the first school of its kind in the whole country that is geared to meeting the specific needs and challenges of children who suffer from FASD. Currently we can accommodate a up to 40 children in Amathemba, but it is envisaged that this project could, in the future, be rolled out nationally because there is such a big need. We do not receive any formal funding from Government and are therefore entirely dependent on the kindness, generosity and support of individuals and businesses from the community, as well as our own fundraising efforts to continue to help and care for these children in desperate need. We host several fundraising events and initiative throughout the year to help us raise the much needed funds to keep the organisation running.

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