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Animal / Horse Assisted Programs

Accept for continuing with their Animal assisted Programs, the intention of is to erect a world-class on of a kind Horse Assisted Therapy “Rehab” Centre to service our Western Cape Rural community on a continued basis to overcome their social and personal difficulties.

With the intention to be a safe haven for both our rural and city child.

Equality is all that thousands of children through the years… mixed with a few other elements have learned from his Horse & Dog Assisted Programs to start a new live with a better understanding of who and what they are.

A mentally stronger and healthier young adult ready for the new world leaving their unforgiving and harsh background behind forever. Healed by elements established by animal giving their unconditional Love, Respect and Trust, unlike our human counter parts.

Throughout our program we also incorporate other animals like our Four (4) beloved Great Danes and two (2) cats with their own unique personalities

The welfare and safety of our children comes first and then those of our very special horses second.