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Our foster home - We opened our doors to our first child in January 2011. A couple of months later he was joined by other children and the number grew overtime. Over the last 12 months, we have accepted a total of 19 children in our foster home, 4 of whom were adopted and 2 re-united with their families. Presently we have 11 previously disadvantaged children who are between 3 months and 2 and half years old. Mothers in Crisis - We believe that by assisting the mothers, we educate them on caring for their children and thus becoming better parents. To date, we have assisted 430 mothers, mostly based in Alexandra township. This includes providing professional counselling, ID assistance, food parcels, clothes, nappies for their children, career assistance, CV compilation, job/learnership application as well as life skills. The support is ongoing, with our counsellor continuously visiting the mothers/children to assess their conditions and developments. Social Enterprise – We run two charity shops. Through the charity shops HHM has been able to fund 100% of the administrative costs (inclusive of office expenses, admin staff salaries, etc.) of the ministry, thereby ensuring that all donations received directly benefit the Babies in need and Mothers in crisis. Through the shops, we have been able to create 7 full-time jobs, enabling previously unemployed people to be financially independent.