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HOUSE OF HOPE MINISTRY in Khayelitsha, next to the Cape Town International Airport, is a Christian Ministry with their own registered NPO, under the care of Pastor Simon Motaung.

HOUSE OF HOPE MINISTRY need very urgent financial assistance with the following projects:

  • Taking care of 80 to 100 children after school every weekday from Monday to Friday between 15h00-17h00, till their parents are back from work
  • To provide food and other assistance to 90 to a 100-elderly people from the community suffering from HIV and other terminal illnesses, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, an amount of R4500 per month is needed
  • Because so few of the members of the congregation of Pastor Simon have jobs and can support him and his family in what they need every month, we are budgeting for R8 000 per month to provide for him and his family what they need financially to survive
  • The necessary funds to buy a piece of land in this area that could accommodate all the services and community projects of this ministry.– An amount of R70 000 – R100 000 is needed
  • An amount of R120 000 is needed to be able to buy Pastor Simon and his family a house of their own in Khayelitsha.