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Gail and her two children Liam and Skyla live in a self-constructed house made from salvaged wood in Pinelands, Cape Town. I have seen Gail’s love and dedication towards her children. Nevertheless, long term intervention is needed desperately before the two children fall through the cracks and are denied the education they justly deserve. I am raising funds as both Liam and Skyla have academic challenges and require specialised remedial education.

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Donor Messages

This little girl, Skyla, touches my heart with her heart of love and compassion.
All the best.
Emily Ma
This is for Skyla, Liam King and Gail! God bless you both in your studies :)
Fuel for the wonderful journey
If you wan to travel fast, travel alone - if you want to travel far, travel together
I will pay monthly myself
Good luck
Greetings and good luck
Glad to help
Jan Lorscheidt
I was very happy to meet these two intelligent individuals and hope they will be able to catch up :-)

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27 Jul 2020 R 525
28 May 2020 R 500
01 May 2020 USD $ 158