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BADISA Huis Mostertshoek Tehuis vir Bejaardes

Huis Mostertshoek is a NPO and has been in existence for the past 29 years.  We have 67 aged and disabled residents:  26 residents in frailcare, 24 in the semi-dependable rooms and the rest in our independable units.  We do receive some goverment funding, but is has been reduced greatly over the past years and therefor we relay very strongly on fundraising events to fill the shortage on the budget.  Some of the residents cannot afford the full cost of the units and paying reduced rates which we subsidise. 

The facility have no transport for the residents.  As Wolseley is a very small town we need to travel to neighbour towns for doctors, hospitals and shops.  As a organisation we can also take the residents on trips in the region as part of our social programs. We also need transport when a residents is taken to hospital as a staff member have to go with the residents and when the resident is taken into hospital we have to fetch the staff member again from hospital which is a 30km trip. Some of the residents also needs to do their banking and shopping in town and it become to dangerous for them to walk to town as we have a few insidents of falls as well as harrasments on the streets. 

If we have transport we will be able to take our residents to town and surroudings and that will be a very good add-on to the organisation.  We are asking for help to have our own transport.  I received quotes from a Toyota Minibus - Price R380 000.00 (Three hunderd and eighty thousand Rand as well as Nissan Minibus - R350 000.00 (Three hunderd and fifty thousand rand).  Wel will also look at good second hand minibusses and it not often available in the market. 

We would appreciate it if somebody would be so kind to help us with transport.  We will look very well after the vechile and make sure it is always in a good condition. 

Thank you for reading this.