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My Opera Masters in Germany Campaign

Dear Backers,

I have been granted the opportunity of a Master's in Opera Accompaniment and Coaching at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, Germany, where I aim to develop my art so that I might go on to guide fellow artists on their journeys.

I'm passionate about opera's ability to transcend boundaries and uniquely tell our stories and have been immensely fortunate to collaborate with many talented opera singers, witnessing the beauty that emerges when talent, artistry, and dedication converge.

I want to be someone that can help others to write their stories in theaters around the world, to be part of the next chapter in the history of opera in and from South Africa: a history that has already nurtured countless talents and that will continue to do so as long as there are those around that would appreciate it. Every contribution brings me closer to a chance of showing the world new ways to experience and enjoy the beauty and power of the South African voice.

This master's programme is a chance to enhance my pianistic skills, develop a deeper understanding of the art and its many styles, acquire proficiency in the operatic languages and to study vocal technique with which I may guide other artists on their own journeys.

Your support will help me secure my student visa and is more than a donation; it's a belief in a dream and in the transformative potential of opera.

Thank you for helping me show the world our voices.

Warm regards,



Fundraising target

R 230 000.00

Donations to date

R 7 703.56

Donor Messages

Success and all the best
Everything of the best with your fundraising, Ian. You are the best! Keep the Proudly SACM flag flying.
☭ Quandale Dingle ☭
-.. . . --.. ....... -. ..- - ...
Antoinette Huyssen
Go get 'em!!
John W
Good luck – we are proud of you!

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