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I am Beautiful

I am Beautiful is a non profit organisation that is established on the belief that there's a critical need for objectives and solution on how to empower girls (girls of today are women of tomorrow) as well as to fight poverty which is the biggest problem in South Africa

Because of poverty somewhere a child depend only on a school feeding scheme as a source of meal of the day leaving the child not been able to perform intellectual tasks because s/he is not properly nourished as well as losing hope of ever coming out of the culture of poverty, somewhere a girl doesn't see her worth because she's always been criticized about the way she looks, she is often told that if she wants to fit the "beautify stands" she should have a certain look or body type (this does a great damage to their self-esteem)

I am Beautiful works tirelessly to make sure that every day every needy child is been helped where s/he faces problems in his/her academic subject and fed and hope is restored to their young minds as well as promoting a message of self-acceptance and being the mirror to the girls that dont see the light that shines deeper within. We want to help realise that vision. We want to raise R12000 for them- this will allow 200 children to be fed, giving them the hope they need as well as to help 50 girls heal from their emotional wounds. 


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