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Igazi Foundation

South Africa is a country with an urgent shortage of haematologists, haematological support, advocacy and services. As the only dedicated Haematological Services NGO in the country, the Igazi Foundation lobbies Provincial and National Government to improve existing services and facilities for patients, their families and their supporters.

Born in the Eastern Cape in 2010, the Foundation has grown to become nationally and internationally recognised as the champion of Haematology issues, in the broader struggle for better health care services in South Africa. We are a volunteer based organisation, committed to making haematological issues an important part of the national health agenda.

Major initiatives include: the  establishment of a Haematological Stem cell unit in 2013, a Paediatric Haematology unit in 2015, at P.E. Provincial Hospital, a Nurses Leukaemia training Programme and this national CPD accredited symposium you are attending today.

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