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The Ikusasa Afterschool Program has been working in conjunction to provide a safe, productive, and fun learning venue and atmosphere for students in the Kayamandi township. We are requesting R5250 to provide for program t-shirts for the students. Pennsylvania State University released an article1 in the State News Service stating that afterschool programs that foster peer relationships reduces emotional problems as well as problem behavior. Simultaneously, these programs foster positive youth development and connectiveness between the students and their community.

We wish to provide t-shirts for these hardworking students to create a positive atmosphere that encourages students to continue participating in the Ikusasa’s learning and developmental program. This schoolyear, the program has assisted 185 students from grades eight through twelve to create meaningful connections in their communities, to better their school performance, and to gain exposure to tertiary students from Stellenbosch University. These elements help to create opportunities and goals for students as they look forward to building a meaningful life for themselves and their community, from their academic life to their vision of what their future in university and their communities may look like. These t-shirts will help to create a sense of belonging and bolster these opportunities and goals for students.

The Ikusasa Afterschool Program does not have the funding available to afford luxurious resources or materials, and thus it needs the help of the community to give these students an opportunity to have an item to represent their membership and participation in this educational and developmental nonprofit.


1 "Children Benefit from Positive Peer Influence in Afterschool Programs." States News Service, 4 Sept. 2013. Academic OneFile, AONE?u=27uos&sid=AONE&xid=627f67c2. Accessed 18 May 2019.

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