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Our Skhaftin journey started in October 2020 when we decided to convert a school bus into a mobile grocery store providing access to healthy food and promoting plastic-free shopping for our community in the inner city of Jo-burg. 

As always, we try to turn this journey into learning opportunities - for the entire Skhaftin team and for schools and community projects along the way. 

So, I would like to take the entire Skhaftin team of 6 young people with on this trip to give them the exposure and an opportunity to hand over our bus to the school.

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Donor Messages

All the best
Road tripping with Skhaftin Bus so exciting! Can’t wait to see what lies in store for a new Skhaftin adventure
Awesome project!
What an inspiring trip! Wishing the whole team an amazing journey!
Great trip!
Wishing you all the best with this next step in your journey. You are an inspiration! Carrie
Cynthia Pratt
Thank you for your innovative work. I love that the bus will keep on giving.
May this journey be just one step in the journey of everyone on it!

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Anonymous donated R 1 000 via Skhaftin Roadtrip
26 Apr 2022 R 1 000
Ulf donated USD $ 220 via Skhaftin Roadtrip
07 Apr 2022 USD $ 220
Nicky donated R 1 000 via Skhaftin Roadtrip
06 Apr 2022 R 1 000
Ueli donated USD $ 111 via Skhaftin Roadtrip
01 Apr 2022 USD $ 111
Annelie donated USD $ 111 via Skhaftin Roadtrip
30 Mar 2022 USD $ 111