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My name is Imkita and I am a student studying BHSc Biomedical Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand. Though I have faced many challenges during my time as a student, funding has been the most difficult challenge so far. For the most part, my mother has been alone in raising my two sisters and I and that in its own has been a challenge for her, both emotionally and financially. But challenges reached their peak in August of 2022 when she was unfairly dismissed from work. 

Since then we have been in real hardship at home and my university debts have piled up. At the beginning of 2022 I had applied for NSFAS but the system had failed us as we were part of the missing middle. Now, with no form of income, and my student debts having accumulated, the end of my academic journey seems in sight. I am unable to register for my second year of study as of today, and registrations are fast on the closing. 

I am really passionate about biomedical science, and my dream is to become a competent chemical pathologist. It is at this juncture that I admit that I cannot do this alone. I turn to you in aiding the continuation of my academic journey. Please, prospective donor, help me in realising my dream by donating. Please consider investing towards my and my family’s future. 

Thank you, prospective donor, for considering my plea.


Fundraising target

R 35 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 400.00

Donor Messages

Imkita- as per my promise
God will provide ❤️
Keep praying doll. It will all work out.
Caleb Newfeldt

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Anonymous donated R 150 via Help Me Study
02 Feb 2024 R 150
Anonymous donated R 500 via Help Me Study
01 Feb 2024 R 500
Anonymous donated R 200 via Help Me Study
27 Jan 2024 R 200
Anonymous donated R 50 via Help Me Study
23 Jan 2024 R 50
Caleb Newfeldt donated R 1 000 via Help Me Study
23 Jan 2024 R 1 000