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At Ink It Tattoos there are many causes that are close to our hearts and we support many charitable causes. We however believe in taking it a step further and have created the Ink It Cares Initiative in which we offer support to animal welfare and endangered species as well as people with medical issues – especially childhood cancer, rare diseases and depression.

Over and above this we have instituted 4 tattoo giveaways each year – 2 Mastectomy Tattoos and 2 Scar Cover Tattoos. We would love to be able to increase this as this small gesture instils confidence and give back some dignity to people whose world has often been torn apart due to physical and mental illness.

As our resources grow we will continue to increase the support we offer and be able to reach many more animals and people in need.

Any and all support will be greatly appreciated as each little bit adds up, and sometime that little can make the world of difference in a person or animals life.