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In Loving Memory of Seboke Cause

Seboke is the man who lost his life during the flash floods in Centurion on Monday morning 9 December 2019, at Mushroomville.  Mushroomville is an informal settlement of the Bagarezie (informal recyclers).  We are raising funds to provide him with a dignified funeral.

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Donor Messages

RIP Seboke and condolences to all those who lost their friend and their homes during the flood.
Keep strong! ????????
May he and his family find peace
Rest in power Seboke Seboke

RIP Seboke. May your death not be in vain.

Helen Duigan

For Seboke. Most of us have NO understanding of what your life was about.

Sorry to hear this terrible news. I hope this helps.
We hope that your death will bring change to the lives of the bagarezi of Mushroomville. RIP comrade Seboke.
Johnny Motshidi
RIP Seboke. You've ran your race. Peace brother.