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Inkululeko Media is a Non-profit investigative and social journalism outfit working with other media to further the public benefit

Donor Messages

Thank you.
We owe you.
Thank you for your sacrifice; may God bless your futures.
To help all South Africans who have morals, integrity and courage
You are needed
Michael Bosazza
Keep up the good work.
I have the greatest respect for the invaluable work that you guys do!
Cath Blow
Keep up the good work.
Douglas Hardman
We must stand for the society we want to live in!

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Helen donated R 206 to Inkululeko Media via Carol Salute Whistleblowers
15 Feb 2019 R 206
Anonymous donated R 514 to Inkululeko Media via Scorpio Whistleblowers Campaign
13 Feb 2019 R 514
13 Feb 2019 R 500
12 Feb 2019 R 206
Bill Fenner donated R 2 056 to Inkululeko Media via Fiona Salute Whistleblowers
11 Feb 2019 R 2 056